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Paul J. Labadie

Paul J. Labadie Craftsman Company is an architectural specialty woodworking shop in Dallas, Texas since 1990. Working primarily with architects, but also with designers, builders, and individual clients, we create artistic and architectural masterworks in wood. Original designs in traditional styles, often including hand-carved ornamental, sculptural and artistic elements, are our distinctive focus. From concept to completion, from free-standing furniture pieces to entire rooms, our projects embody our values in old-fashioned craftsmanship and in knowledgeable design

Paul J. Labadie began his career in woodworking thirty years ago. His background has been in residential construction in Minnesota, California and Texas, including renovation, restoration and new construction. Experience in finish carpentry and cabinetmaking, combined with a life-long study of art and architecture, became the foundation of his unique profession. Now, as a self-taught woodcarver, his work combines design, artistry and hand-made craft.